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200 a goal

Hey guys BeAtTz here
I'm a level 199 mage
Back in v3 I thought of what if I try to be the first level 200 mage in v4
So the day of the update I put my dream goal to the test, this goal has been pretty amazing but yet still have to get there, so 198 took me 35 heroic exp lixs I was sick during this time but 199 I'm a few bars in and just leveled a few days ago I have 85 heriec exp lixs left and a nice stock of normal exp which I don't want to say but I can see now when term said its gonna take 500 lixs for a level I found out its gonna be a bit less due to the dragon exp quest
But I hope to crack my goal of the first 200 mage
What s the most hardest goal you have made for you're self yet tpclose to having it done thanks all
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First 200mage

Re: 200 a goal

My current goal is 150 to be able to wear my essence blade, then 156 for full ANC bone, then 175 for full dl, then 190 for mordris and hrung
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