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Re: What is the best barter you have made

I should mention he didnt go from 100 axe to 150 dagg. There were stuff in between and he just adds random stuff, persuades people and adds small amount of gold (only like 20-30k). I gotta admit im impressed haha
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Re: What is the best barter you have made

fishgutz101 wrote:
massadu73 wrote:Started with a magus armor exept helm and finished with a royal mountain shield :)

that's a loss not a profit

In fact i exchznged all green tabs of my banks for the magus armor to a friend , then i exchanged full magus exept helm for golden blade and then blade for shield
As i m not a collectioner , its a badass trade :)

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Re: What is the best barter you have made

Lol thats a forum where all can show who is the best in ripping off other ppl??!!!

be faire player and tell others if they sell something under price and don't let pay noobs to much !
Everyone of us was new to this game once and no one knows all prices, but I'm sure nb of you would like to get ripped like u maybe ripped others..

if u wanna see it like that, being friendly always getting payed of later too:)

and a mate that helps u at a boss worth more than the super awesome armor or weapon u got from doing nothing than trading..:)


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