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Re: The Worst/Best servers...

Nothing against taranis, but i wouldn't recommend it. There are 3 main clans and one of them treats the rest as inferior in certain respects. The clan policies on some clans are rediculous as well. You also arent acknowledged very much for how frequently you camp so you will get geared slowly and the gearing/drops from big bosses are determined by a combination of merit and rolling. This server has some nice people and all, but i wouldn't recommend it

Re: The Worst/Best servers...

spacemod wrote: that's true Herne is a very nice server. I have been playing on it ever since I ever started this game and I met a lot of nice people and did cool things together :D

Thts why u dont play anymore 0_o?

I have been focusing on school lately and have been playing on new servers
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Re: The Worst/Best servers...

GraybeardHalt wrote:Gwydion sucks.

Gwydion does not suck i love it :cry: (When some noob gave me 6k for free when i join the world ) :lol:
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