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Re: New Concept Art: Mage

chaoslord1 wrote:Very cool!

But I think it would be cooler if a mage were in a crouching position like on the Iron Man 3 Movie Cover, and have fire and ice bursting around him, while mobs fall in the death animation.

Next do ranger, like have them do something badass like...
Having them jump off a building, after having just casted Explosive Arrow. So basically he's jumping away from an explosion he caused.

And make sure hes not looking at the explosion. Badass(dictionary definition)- slowly walking from explosions not looking at them
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Re: New Concept Art: Mage

I know that this is an old post but i haven't been able to log in to comment for months. Lol. Anyway, while the art is great, the mage looks quite unprepared for her journey. She has slain one wolf but there are 3 more about to attack. She reminds me of the the tarot card 'The Fool', which is about a start of a new journey, unaware of what lies ahead - a fools journey. I think the mage in CH is like the concept art; unequipped to solo effectively for what lies ahead and those that play the mage are in for a fools journey. The mage i would like to play is the one below taken from wizards of the sword coast. But, perhaps I am playing the wrong game...
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