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Re: Power leveling??

Shara1313 wrote:Which is better for power leveling alts out of the 3?
Warrior, ranger, or druid?!?!?

Thx in advance!!


Can root the mob, which is especially helpful if your alt is a mage or ranger. Apply vines so you don't have to wait until half to kill it all at once. And can heal. Plus you have lightning, storm, bark, or whatever else you might need.
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Re: Power leveling??

Druid, heals&bark turns ur alt into a walking tank, vine/bee deal DoT ticks allowing finish off to be commence w/o waiting for hp to drop over half, root keep mobs from scratching, lightning/storm for backup if vine/bee gets evaded.

Re: Power leveling??

druids, great dps, great heals, great buffs, enough said.
ranger can be good but i prefer the druids' buffs (unless u like grouping ranger for one sec for def spikes and sharpen weps)
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Re: Power leveling??

Ranger 100%, I helped one of my friends level with my alt that was about 20 levels above him and I could heal him while he killed the mob past 50%, then I would finish off the mob and rebuff him with sharpen weap.
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Re: Power leveling??

Well it really depends on your particular circumstances. What level do you have each of those characters?
Assuming all three are 150+, it then depends on which class you wish to power level and your level of resources.

Ranger- Medium amount of resources (pots and idols), light-heal always helpful, bolas is very helpful if youre leveling a ranged alt (i.e. ranger, druid, or mage) and mildly helpful for surviving close calls with melee classes, decent dps helps regardless of alt class.

Warrior- Most resources; go dps with taunt/warcry built in (obviously keep enough hp to avoid problems), great balance to help all classes

Druid- Least resources; bark, embrace, heal, remainder in dps; great for all classes, but expect slightly less xp per lix
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