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Re: Power leveling??

well id definitely say not warrior...unless youve got frenzy and lots of strength (300+) along with all dps skills

if your alt is a dps id say druid
if its anything else go with ranger
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Re: Power leveling??

Awe :) wrote:
firefury0603 wrote:ranger :D My 105 rogue getting one lvl per elix with ranger helping outside

Lol my rogue 106 gets 1,5 levels per xp+haste without help

Yeah, well wait until 150 there big guy.
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Re: Power leveling??

Warrior... I leveled a ranger from 120-180 with my level 185 warrior offgrouping the whole time. It was nice because my warrior was a tank, so I didn't waste any restos leveling, I just taunted with my tank warrior.
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