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Clan Revenge of rosmerta 1st to kill mordris

Yes we killed mordris, and yes she has drops. Do to all the negativity and hate that surrounded us when we were first to kill hrungnir, I won't give details of the encounter. I'll only provide proof that we killed her. Good luck to all you heroes.
1ST TO KILL hrungnir, mordris and NECRO
World: Rosmerta
"Ch Living Legend"

Mooocow 193 warrior
Str1ker 193 rogue
Shaman 191 druid
Moooocow 150 mage

Re: Clan Revenge of rosmerta 1st to kill mordris

If u are able to see the pic well, ull notice it says: yrck3 killed a mordris.
No idea how tho cuz i was healing more then dpsing and only used swarm and strike...
lvl 190 druid

not coming entirely back nor spending any more money untill OTM decides to make our class worth and affordable to play.

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