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Help Celtic Heroes become a better game!

If you don't read everything then you will have questions. So why waste all of our time ? Just read the entire post without skimming  

Hey guys, I know I'm pretty much always advertising in some way shape or form about myself... But that's not what I want to do today. 
I want today to be about Celtic Heroes. I want to help Celtic Heroes become a better game. I want to make your lives easier and more enjoyable. But in order to do so I really need your help.
I want to make an extremely prosperous Auction House for EVERY SERVER.
I have already created the place for the AH, and there are already over 1400 collective members using it.
That's not enought though. There are over 12k players so that's barely 10% of the population using the AH.
I want to get it to ATLEAST 50% of the game using the AH.

What is the AH?
- The AH is an Auction House run off another app called "Groupie"
(learn more by clicking the link below) 

Why would I use it?
- Honestly you will make more money selling items with it.
If you shout in your world and you find a buyer by some chance... You only get the amount that they offer.
So let's say your selling a hat for 100k
Well there might be a player who lives around the world that you have never met who has been looking for that item and he has been offering well over 100k 
So posting the item on the AH and leaving it for a day would allow players to bid on the item and drive up the price and you might end up selling it for 300-400k 
(this scenario has happened before with myself) 

How do I use it? 
- well the AH doesn't have any real rules. Just don't be a jerk. Don't sell items for real money. And make it clear when your posting an item for sell. (we used to have a rule that required of to post a picture of the item your selling. But we are a little more lenient on that now) 

I can't think of any negative about the AH. 
-So if you can. Please do share.

How you can help!
- I need someone who cares about their world and Celtic heroes more than themselves.
- I need you to be a leader in your world, I need you to help bring people to your worlds AH.
- I need you to copy and paste this template below and then mail in out to everyone in your clan and your area and just everyone. I need you to mail over 5,000 letters... 
I need you to either mail them or I need you to find a noob or low ever level that you trust and hire them to do it for you.
I pay 44g per latented sent + the cost of the letter. So everyone who is getting mailed by me... I'm spending 54 gold on each letter. So it costs me roughly 54k per 1k letters I hire to get sent out.
( this really helps the lower level have a really cool job and will help them out a lot in their CH career) 
It also helps get people to use the AH which is the main goal. 

I think that just about sums it up... 
So if your a world leader or you would like to be one and you want to help improove CH for the good of the game and are willing to spend your own hard earned gold. Then please post here that your going to help out and are willing to do what it takes to make your worlds AH successful.

If you have any questions please post them here and I'll do my absolute best to get back to you.
(I'm also looking for a new CEO)


Hey folks! 
Want to expand your Celtic Heroes Experience? 
Well Download the Free app named Groupie and 
search: Celtic Heroes
Over 1400 Celtic Heroes players use it!

Join the Auction House Today!

Click the link below to find out how to join!

Re: Help Celtic Heroes become a better game!

I tried to join Crom's auction house but it says it's locked and that my request has been sent to the group's leader.
(been a week so it didn't exactly say that but you know what I mean)
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Re: Help Celtic Heroes become a better game!

Seriously please don't keep posting the same thing over again with a new title.

Also while outside auctions are about the best thin we have ATM its bad when a single person can control access. Also on Taranis your auction house is unlikely to work on as there already is one with far more posts.
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Re: Help Celtic Heroes become a better game!

He wouldn't have to repost things if there wasn't a few d-bags filling them with ihateinfinity posts and getting them locked.

Also, there has already been talk of an in game auction place being placed in future updates but for now if you want the best and easiest way to sell items then Infinity's groupie AH is your best bet.

Thanks infinity. This is helping a lot of people sell things without going through different areas spamming the shout with their trades.

Re: Help Celtic Heroes become a better game!

I honestly wouldn't want to sell a hat for 300 to 400k that is worth 100k let alone buy one 300k. I guess if some are willing to pay that much will or sell for those prices.
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Re: Help Celtic Heroes become a better game!

The previous post was already locked. Do not make repeat posts, and do not continue to advertise for your out of game auction house.
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