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Most powerful summerspark scroll?

After farming hundreds of minor, lesser and mystic scrolls with no staff, I absent-mindedly killed a mage while waiting for Synak and received a Royal Summerspark Scroll; 2k damage with one use. I don't think this would be the best but now i'm curious.

Anyone seen better?

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Re: Most powerful summerspark scroll?

Well I too have farmed a few hundred mages, no staff either, and also no royal scroll: that's a nice find. In order from least to greatest that I have found it goes

1 Minor
2 Lesser
3 Mystic
4 Greater
5 Grand
6 Mighty

The mighty scroll is 500 heat damage and 7 uses. I would assume royal is best, but the one use is confusing. With these 6 the more damage a scroll has the more uses it has. I had thought the best would be 1k damage and 10 uses, however, I appear to be wrong. Congrats on your scroll.

Re: Most powerful summerspark scroll?

I bought a royal for 25k off a noob today in Morrigan. (Its also first Ive ever seen)
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Re: Most powerful summerspark scroll?

I have a majestic with 1k dmg and 7 uses but its actually 1 use only because I got it before otm fixed it. Thanks otm!

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