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Clan Revenge of Rosmerta kills Hrungnir

We have defeated the impossible. This was our second attempt, and experience was on our sides. Since our last attempt we have a lot more members geared with full dragon, dragonlord weapon as well. So if you're wondering why we went for a second attempt we needed a challenge on rosmerta. It was fun as hell. If you're wondering what the loot was kill him and you will see. Gz to my clan you guys are awesome, and the best clan on rosmerta, and a special thank you to the brains of the operation our general madonion.
1ST TO KILL hrungnir, mordris and NECRO
World: Rosmerta
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Re: Clan Revenge of Rosmerta kills Hrungnir

'Oh good Lord...'

'Well that escalated quickly'

'You did not show the drops/(bread) from Hrungnir, there are some that may find that unfair. But I find that nothing to LOAF about.. AWW YEAHH'

Those are just some memes that went in my head. Amazing job!
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Re: Clan Revenge of Rosmerta kills Hrungnir

Badabing aint got nothin on us.
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