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Re: Dragon Lord Offhands

MoneyShot wrote:Can u guys plz stop making new topics on dragonlord crap? There's already a topic on it. And right now i will go fine it and put the link in a new post.

This topic is on dragonlord armor, not weapons nor offhands. Thanks for finding it, but its better to have offhand pictures here so ppl looking for offhands don't have to sort through 6-7 pages of replies.
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Re: Dragon Lord Offhands

lollipoop117 wrote:theres a rogue a warrior and druid in Rhiannon

We have full armour sets for rogue, ranger, druid, and mage. I am the current warrior in lead with only one urn away from the helm which would complete the set.

For mainhands, our rogue and druid have thiers, while we are close to a warrior weapon which will go to a dps warrior in my clan (makes for better use of the weapon). Unfortunately, we have no dragonlord offhands yet for any classes.
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