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Re: What Quest armour looks the best?

MoneyShot wrote:This topic really should be in off topic but anyways here's my opinion:


It's a general discussion about the look of quest armoursin the GAME. It ain't off topic
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Re: What Quest armour looks the best?

Warden: mage+rogue
Meteoric: warrior+mage
Frozen: warrior
Dragon: rogue+warrior

I personally like the rogue dragon armour design, it gives it that stealth look. Very assassin like.
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Re: What Quest armour looks the best?

IMO the best looking quest armor is by far spiritshadow and darkshadow. But the leggings look awkward if you're not a caster and the stats are garbage compared to almost everything.
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Re: What Quest armour looks the best?

Bitey wrote:
Regenleif wrote:Lirs: Druid

+1 I love the meadowsun armor. It might not be the most intimidating, but the color is simply awesome.

Where's the spiritshadow armor on this list? I love how that looks!

Good call. The shadow armor is pretty sweet. Makes casters look buff :)
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