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Re: New skill areas

Updated a bit, and bumped for people that might want to see this ;)
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Re: New skill areas

This is real helpful!
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Re: New skill areas

This is very helpful. Perhaps you should add the skills that drop in the Otherworld. So far, I've seen firestorm drop.

Also, the boss bears in Twisted Tunnels (Rumblehide, Yellowfang, Broadpaw) have a 100% chance of dropping a skill or ring. Just thought I'd point that out.
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Re: New skill areas

Yer ive been farming broadpaw and so far received -

Greater,grand,royal iceblast
Greater, grand longshot
Greater, grand shatter
Greater double attk
Greater bless

No skill books :(
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Re: New skill areas

so um ill just list all the skill books ive gotten so far in ch (not that many):

warcry - otherworld
ward of fire - otherworld

rescue - carrowmore
double shot - carrowmore

thats all
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Re: New skill areas

Thanks for the info. Helped me out!
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