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Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous?

I think someone already mentioned this before but it has never been confirmed. Well, pardon me if its been confirmed but its news to me.

Due to Stinging swarm being poison damage, we are aware that Mobs have zero resistance to it.

Mine does 800 damage and I have noticed the fluctuation went as low as 400 damage. That's 50% potential reduction on your skill damage for every skill you cast. Lets not forget mobs actually resist our normal skills as well (Elemental and physical) so, in reality we are taking about potential 60-80% reduction on our skill damage. It doesn't matter how high and glamorous yr description damage says as it will never hit that amount.

For instance, my lv 50 strike says 4k dmg on stats page but I normally deal 900-1900 odd on mobs my level.

Seriously, 50% difference is really a ton too much to bear? I mean , we don't have critical chance of extra damage and yet suffer a 50% reduce damage fluctuation . (By the way, from my numerous cast of stinging swarm, I have never seen it going above 800 dmg. Not even once so I am sure fluctuation does not go above 100% damage )

I understand the need to make mobs and bosses hard but this information is too much to bear. Its bad enough to deal with evades, misses, no lures/shatters but 50% reduce dmg fluct as well. This sucks... :cry:
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Re: Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous

Yup, i was playing with my ymir sword and my anc. Wyrmbone and a new 150 lux axe and it worked out that on average (of 10 auto hits and 10 giant swing hits) that i actually did more damage with the wyrmbone and axe. All hits were on 162 furblog archers and i was 164. It really seems to me the more potential damage you can do the lower the chance of acctually doing it.
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Re: Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous

a 50% damage fluctuation probably made sense back in update 1 when people were rolling around the catacombs at level 30. There isn't much difference hitting mobs between 150 and 200 damage. But in update 4 when we have people at level 190, there is a huge difference when the damage fluctuation is between 3000 and 6000. This is one of the aspects of the game that I agree should be revisited and tweaked to fit the needs of players at a higher level.

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Re: Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous

This happens with almost every skill rogues have , how do u go from hitting a 1500 quick strike to hitting 500. Hitting 2500 sneaky to hitting a 1200. I think shadowstrike is the only one with any consistency in damage, even with that one ive hit over 2200 and also hit 700 with same dmg and amount of skill points in it.
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Re: Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous

I agree, ever since update 3 when players got to pretty high levels, the damage fluctuation has just been way too high. It is kinda crazy you can hit below 200 and then close to 400 on the same mob (happens to me all the time anyway), And skill dmg fluctuates even more.

A fix making damage more consistant would really be nice.
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Re: Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous

But if it's poison damage, my understanding is it is irresistible so it should still fluctuate a bit like all damage does but hit right around the listed amount on the skill description? Just like when I put on all my poison armour and do h2h, my hits fluctuate from hand to hand but still hit nowhere near what it says on my stats page even though it has plenty of poison damage which again is supposed to be irresistible...

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