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Do new skills only drop in certain areas?

Like which ones are found in sewers, which in finals cave, and which in tunnels? Especially shadowstrike and riposte

And do any drop in old areas like stonevale or shalemont?
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Re: Do new skills in certain areas?

I know shadow strike can be found by farming the lizards in the top left round room of sewers. Ive been looking alot of places for riptose tho and havent found any mobs that drop it :? some info would be great. and good topic.
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Re: Do new skills only drop in certain areas?

I've gotten a lot of manuals and rings from the tunnels, mainly ice blast, bless, and riposte. The boss bears drop higher rings as well as skills, I got a royal ice blast and three greaters, a greater bless, a greater riposte, and longshot and riposte from them. I got double attack in the tunnels as well. I haven't gotten as many manuals and rings from lizards and pirates, but I think that's mainly because I one-two hit most of the stuff in the tunnels.
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