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I told you so!

Mages are overpowered i knew it would happen. 6k shards 6k ice blast(with damage overtime) 2k incin 2.5k firebolt 3-4k forestorm are you frggin joking all the cooldown a are less then mine they can now spam skills! Just have energy issues. Its a joke OTM have made this a 1 class game. Beta testers have failed in this department for sure!
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Re: I told you so!

I have leveled a lot with warriors, rogues and several other mages this week. Yes we can do some serious damage but the kills were pretty much going to whichever player got to the mob first.

Not to mention it takes over 1000 energy for one spell rotation.
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Re: I told you so!

Not bad for a support class, the only true dps (rogues) have been turned over again
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Re: I told you so!

Mages don't do more damage than rogues! In a short fight, of course, but on bosses, no! Dogorcat beat me in dps in beta on the troll king. He said that he was full dps, but I was too! Stop complaining, and, as people tell me all the time, level up.

Re: I told you so!

I would look at this differently. Mages are not OP, however the are right where they should be in comparison to the mobs that OTM makes us train on. Other classes are weak and hardly have a chance of doing a significant amount of damage alone in order to level solo. Mages are the only class that can level solo without lux and that is how every class should be. It is not that they are OP, its that every other class is underpowered.
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