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Seems like this game wasn't made for someone like me

So it seems like this game is made for those who like flashy new things, have DEEP pockets (talking thousands of dollars to blow) and who buy things fast and jump on things to get them before they are removed. Also made for people who take advntage of noobs by monopolizing the quest bosses. And for people who prefer tons of new content in an update instead of a flawless release and age old problems fixed, which problems stunt the growth of the game. OTM even seems to favor some of these things in who they select to be their beta advisors.

People like me who are patient and research things and figure out how the game mechanics work to make the best decisions and best builds while helping noobs; consistently seem to get the short end of the stick.

I won't be suprised if i get discouraged enough to stop playing.
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Re: Seems like this game wasn't made for someone like me

I currently am not playing, due to personal reasons, not game ones. Haven't played in almost 3 months, but I peruse the forums when I can, to see if I may ever return.

I would strongly suggest you ease up off the "Goodbye Cruel World" mantra, and perhaps give the company and the community time to recalibrate some of the issues that seem or continue to be apparent. As we remember from past updates, this can take a month or two.

Now, it may in truth be the time for you to move on to a new game, new genre of gaming, that's a personal choice...and you probably didn't ever envision a time when your mobile-gaming addiction would make you angry, angsty, and borderline hormonal. But if anything, its symptomatic of how much you have freaking loved this game in the past and have spent the better part of a year celebrating that love, wiki-celebrating it.

Leaving, taking breaks, and rests are all warranted at times, for many reasons, sometimes sad and horrible, in this I know. But I would find your core, your center, have a personal pow-wow and...simply make a new choice on what's important to you and feel free to write in pencil and revise it in a few months.

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Re: Seems like this game wasn't made for someone like me

Words of wisdom like always,

However, the only thing I came back forsmore last update was my friends in clan.
It will only be the same this time, it's gone too far.
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