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Skill points.

We all need more skill points we have these new skills and old ones and we all want to use them as much as possible but skills points are limiting us to what we can do. Please sort it.

Weather its 2 per level or a bonus 2-5 every 10 lvls something needs to be done please.
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Re: Skill points.

Especially with all the new skills for all classes, there just simply isn't enough points.
Granted, it would make energy drain so much worse, but at least that would be a personal choice.

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Re: Skill points.

Trust me I have done my post on skill points a few times and once in beta.
I'm sure I was looked over.
Currently the games current set up only lets each class become about 20% masters of all their skills.
So even a level 190 would be at 20% maximum power as you are at lvl 120.
I just can't help but see how broken this game is.

This is what happens when you challenge the better clan on sever.
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Re: Skill points.


+1 because, yes, way too little skill points to make decent choices.

-1 because, sometimes we need to make those choices, we need to decide what's best for each of us which make our individual characters unique in some sort (Fluttershy123 is all heals, including bandage, for eg.). Too much skill points and we would all have the exact same build of the best dps/tank/support.

Finally, yes, we need more skill points.

Re: Skill points.

+1. This seriously needs to be addressed. The new skills after update 3 made it one of choice. While I love all the new skills, now we seriously need more points, even to properly specialize. Please take one of brookie's suggestions and increase the number of available points, whether by level or by group of levels.
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