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Re: Dear OTM: Sigils?

OTM nerfed them because too many people bought them and used the skills classes have for a free tick or two so to speak.
I myself have 1300 hp sigils and 1500 mp sigils.
The nerfing doesn't effect me as I am full everything in 2 ticks but for the people that drastically need sigils to work the way they did update 3 they need to be looked into again.
Witht hear things costing plat and lasting the whole game time you can easily see why so many are pissed.
Thats like us all buying x4 exp elixirs and OTM saying "Hey sorry those are too much for you" so now your bought x4 elixirs are all turned into x2 elixirs.
People are pissed and deserve to be.

This is what happens when you challenge the better clan on sever.
Your ass shoots flames, literally your ass will shoot flames.

Re: Dear OTM: Sigils?

People are spending too much money on sigils? Oh, that definitely needs to be fixed...
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