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Re: New Skills (pics)

I got frosbite nice skill prob you can make ice-mage now reasonable initial damage and decent overtime. I reply like the mobs carry them and not bosses.
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Re: New Skills (pics)

Our clan has been farming them and has like over 20-40 now haha i have 4 new ones my self and i can tell ou one thing..... Shatter is amazing! When using a ymir weapon on warrior it made me hit 4000+ on 158+ mobs with sneaky and 1300+ with quickstrike
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Re: New Skills (pics)

Riposte - Counter attack for 6 seconds dealing X amount of damage - Currently only lasts 1-2 seconds, I have it under bug reports atm. Casts instantly though.
Bless - Adds to all skill evasions
Double Attack - Ability, not a skill, good for all classes - allows you to attack twice with one swing
Iceblast - had it, didn't look at what it did, sold it for 50k =)

That's all I've gotten so far... rings/books drop from just about ANY creature. Got a +5 longshot ring...got Bless tome from a no named bat.

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