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Re: How to make a cool game sig

I think you use the. [img]these%20buttons[/img] buttons instead of the url.

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Re: How to make a cool game sig

Primrose143 wrote:no idk how :( i tried if anyone knows how plz make a step by step guide would be much appreciated

You're missing the last bracket in your signature.

It should be the following: copy and paste this into your signature.

Code: Select all


This is what it looks like:

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Re: How to make a cool game sig

fr3gryf wrote:Well u can also do it fully by yourself:) thats what i do, and even if its not very beautiful sometimes, i think its more personal:) hehe
Photoshop if u have it already or you can simplely use photofiltre, its not hard to use and u can make some really fun sig:)

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