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Beta Reward?

Do the beta testers get rewarded for all their hard work?

Maybe some free plat or gold?

Just wondering
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Re: Beta Reward?

Some beta testers work very hard, and some do not at all. I assume a token of gratification to them would be arranged, but as like last beta, they held a screenshot comp for themselves and such for lesser versions of the golden lux swords. Also a chance at the shop armor. Personally I don't think they deserve plat as that should be bought with and or given to everyone as to not cause a disruption in the game of unfairness. OTM chose these people specifically on activity and their device, if they were to give out plat, that would cause a riot considering only because their device and activity were they chosen when mostly it came down to the device, and easily if OTM didn't have that as a guideline, then it would be more fair. But still, I imagine lesser items or special non-OP items to be a reward to beta testers.

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Re: Beta Reward?

I'm honored to have been chosen and that is reward enough (Not saying I'd return it if the did give something lolol).

It has been really amazing to get a little behind the scenes glimpse and to see how very very hard OTM is working to give us an awesome update. It's gonna rock guys.

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Re: Beta Reward?

Last beta we were awarded thru merit, not participation.

Meaning there were several beta competitions. A diamond armor leveling competition midway thru, a screenshot comp and a final "best tester" or most bugs reported award.

Because some testers are great and others aren't, just rewarding involvement isn't effective. But rewarding hardwork, is a good policy. At the end of the last beta I recieved a full set of diamond armor and weapons on my main Druid on Arawn for winning the "most bugs reported" award. Spirithealer recieved some vanity cloth for his videos, and a slew of people got the first OW lux months before that wraith was in game for the SS completion. Not to mention Marshill and EnergyK winning sets of crystal and diamond respectively for their leveling without lix. And Mars ran a "no dying no lix, no trading" competition for the nonbeta community pre update and gifted his set won in beta to the winner of it, if you guys remember..

Anyways if OTM rewards merit, not involvement it seems to work out.

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