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Dex, whats its use anymore?

Well this is just a topic about my annoyance with the dex skill now, and I probably should have made this topic much earlier when I realized dex's little use. This is mostly in the view of the warrior, not other classes. However I'd guess it should be somewhat similar? Possibly.

Before the addition of Stonevale and Shalemont dex was pretty good, though only more useful for bossing with a druid than actually killing by yourself. It actually was useful to block off some of the bosses' damage because the bosses maybe only hit for 100ish or so, unable to really kill you fast. It was what most warriors i know did, have a higher dex level than vitality. Now for some they made it so they had full on vitality rather than adding dex because actually, it was more useful based on how long you could survive in killing groups of mobs, showing how little dex pretty much did. Oh how I wish I did that..

After the addition of stonevale and shalemont, its just rediculous how high some of the mobs hit. Now this made it all-purposely useful to have rediculously high amounts of lp, 1500 or more, and multiple druids to kill them and heal fast enough when they use their special attacks. Since they were so accurate too, they hit through your defence like nothing. Now druids luckily are more popular because they're needed of course, and also with their new lightning attack to kill easier. Now for all those warriors who spent 100 skill points on dex, now it was just a black hole of wasted points. People for the most part have just bought the book of rebirth from the plat shop to fix it, but I dont feel inclined to buy something to fix a problem I had no control over that was put into the game.

Ive been trying to level vitality up constantly, but it doesnt ever seem enough to keep up with the hits of them. Right now I'm about 800, but the bosses still can hit for 1100 or more easily even when their attacks got reduced ( at least i think you did it with the Halloween update, i could be wrong. I just noticed the topic about the weaker druid boss topic and how people now thought it was even harder now) and im still shunned out of groups by higher levels to kill the new Halloween bosses, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to get anything now.

Just because bosses hits were reduced in damage doesn't mean the skill can remain unchanged. It is extremely important to actually make it one of those skills that people actually want to get up, rather than just a black hole of wasted points.

There is a couple of things that could be done:
–You could make the effect of defence stronger, where you block more attacks INCLUDING special attacks: giant swing, pummel, etc (however it doesnt fix the problem of if you actually are hit, where you'd die).
–Another would be to make it so that dex also increases your armor more, but this also would have to add resistance to fire and ice and magic too, otherwise the wisp bosses would still kill you. It would have to, in effect, reduce the damage enough to where it would make up somewhat closely to the points you would put into vitality. This would make the dex skill extremely useful then, to where you dont need multiple druids to heal you when killing a boss. Also it would make it so that just to heal yourself, you don't have to stand for 10 minutes because of waiting for the skill timer to go down multiple times. However of course it could cause some problems, such as people investing everything into dex instead of vit and just block everything so much to where it it cancels out all attacks. This is why id imagine youd put limits onto the max amount of effect it can have on certain monsters (on the fellfire boss, its fire attack would be reduced to a 200 or 300 hit maximum, etc). As for the effect of dex increasing attack, I'd say to scrap it because its so measly at higher levels its useless, thus resulting in another reason for why now some people don't use it. As for amount of defence it gives, perhaps cut it back some because it gives the increased damage absorption. Warriors also should maybe given more of the absorption effect than other classes, decreasing as the armor strengths get weaker, because then all of a sudden even a druid could become a tank. However that's only a suggestion to how to keep the games balance of armor strengths based off classes.
–A third suggestion is perhaps cut out the dex skill altogether? Though this is a bit extreme, how useful dex is at this point would answer why I even suggested that.

I like that second suggestion a lot. However if it doesnt work out, I'd want a book of rebirth so maybe I can just change my stats. However as I said, I'm not inclined to buy it just because something in the game drastically changed. It was like when you added all of the new skills in the first major update, you gave everyone the book to reset skills points (because of the addition of skills like giant swing, which people wanted points in rather than pummel anymore).

Thanks for reading, if you actually did. I hope an admin reads it and considers some very much needed changes to the dex skill.

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