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Re: Ideas for future patches in this Halloween patch

Yea i agree^ thats a good idea. I also wanted a " Goblin Scepture" [YES I GOT IT FROM SCOOBY DOO!) lol and make it so the goblin is twice as hard but the scepture should have AWESOME STATS! :) Also i think there should be a COMPLETE witch outfit to go along with the hat but only for mages as it would be weird seeing a warrior dressed as a witch maybe the admin could restrict the heat damage armor that the boss drops to warrior?and make other class armor for the other classes.
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Re: Ideas for future patches in this Halloween patch

I like the idea off more weapons and stuff. but I think for this halloween we have enough.
Otherwise they can't create stuff for next halloween. At first i thought we had 3 items. then I heard about broom. looked in luxery shop: was shocked about the nice/awesome stuff. And then the flame armor showed up.

I think they did a really awesome job.

For add in the up coming patches might be:
More quests: you will need the other quest items to start and you will get upgrades on your weapons. extra armor or damage etc.

If online stats will be available and if it's possible to link that with forum accounts:
get participation stamp/achievement on online stats? (Ps3 and xbox have signatures were you can view earned trophies this would be a nice add)
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Re: Ideas for future patches in this Halloween patch

Yea there is a lot, but I'm pretty sure everyone is in agreement to have death's scythe ... Plus I want it free/quest
if they are going to keep those brooms maxed..

Omg better idea... Scythe gives a special effect attack when used, and there is a fly mode on it for yes/no
Can be added to the broom aswell... Please make this into a quest.. As buying it would be impossible for me.. And not that hard of a quest.. But just difficult enough where lots can get it.. Including death.. Those are just ideas that can be added to the scythe... Nothing special needs to be done

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