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The issue with idols

Right, so we all have used idols, I use them too, a good chunk of my plat goes towards idols. My question is this, should we be able to use idols indefinitely to "kill" a boss and is this going to be fair in the update when target lock arrives.

I have to answer with no, that idols should be used as an asset or help when you die once in a while, but they should never be the driving force behind a boss kill.

Think of it like this, you have an organized, prepared group with the necessary Druids and tanks and dps, but an all dps group decides to idol kill the boss. The boss is the obvious winner of the fight as he killed each and every one of them 10+ times but they just idol and get back up. How is that fair to the group that put the time and effort into being balanced so that they could kill the boss properly?

I understand that many people feel that idols are a part of the game and should be used however they like which is the issue I would like to address. These are my suggestions;

1) death penalty, easy enough to implement, take a stats hit when you idol, would stack if you idol multiple times within penalty time

2) idol need increases per death within a time period
Eg, first death is 1 idol, second is 2, third is 4,fourth is 8, as you can see each subsequent death would make idoling more expensive, would have to be within 15 minute of first idol or so

3) remove idols completely, otm can send out an in game message saying idols will be gone in the update, people will stock up and conserve them

4) Have the boss heal for as much hp you have whenever you idol this means that the group will need to keep everyone alive in order to kill the boss (as it should be done)

That's all for now, feel free to comment
Please keep this on topic as this is rather important to me
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Re: The issue with idols

Have special boss zones (such as aggy's lairs, or the new stuff coming in update) where only the boss and his minions are

Here, the idol re spawn timer is 5 minutes, so spring of life is utilized a lot more, or people just run back from ley.

This is the difference between a good bossing clan, and a bunch of plat heads using auto.
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Re: The issue with idols

I agree with the op , idol killing is lame , suggestion #2 is very interesting. Idol timer increasing with each use would be another idea .

I am for a death penalty as well , this has bees discussed at length with admin weighing in , I'll find thread and edit my post to add link .

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Re: The issue with idols

I personally believe option 2 would be the best by the 6th idol ur at the normal cd right now and no boss should get u to use anymore. 6 idols will help account for minor mistakes that either cant be accounted for or accidently not moving fast enough. If it does take u any farther then 6 idols boss should be reset.

I personally dont like the death penalty unless u have to die a certain amount consecutively and within a certain amount of time before it kicks in. My reasoning is dependin on the death penalty a few ppl can completely wipe aggy because they get the druids killed which could cause them not to be able to keep up with heals or not have energy or other problems depending on the type of death penalty.

Re: The issue with idols

Option 1 is not logical. Death penality would mainly affect rogues. Ymir kills rogues so easily that us rogues wouldnt be dps before long. Hell at the rate he can kill rogues we would all stats at 1 before we know it. Tanks and druids would be less effected with little to no effects on them. It's just a bad idea all the way around. In this case death penality would truly be a death penality to rogues. We would be useless. Glad i have warrior for backup incase this happenes.
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