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What items are YOU looking for?

Just curious to see what everyone is hunting for and hoping to get to improve their characters. Due to some amazingly lucky drops recently I'm down to needing 2 upgrades for my mage to be complete until the update.

1) Void Grimoire (Preferably of flames but frost will be great too)
2) Ice Mages Bracelet of Focus/Vit (preferably focus)

After that I'll have top DPS gear and will be very content until the next update.

I'm also curious if anyone is completed with getting upgrades and if they wouldn't mind sharing their equipment.
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Re: What items are YOU looking for?

Well seeing as i have been wearing the same gear on my druid since lvl 80 (unlucky with drops) seeing how my clan uses rolls and not rewards for who raids the most. I have lost any kind of drive to play on a competitive level anymore. So if and when i play with new update i will still be in my lvl 80 gear :o but in mean time ill lvl a ranger to accommodate my solo play for when i log in now.
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Re: What items are YOU looking for?

Just fully kitted out my Druid/Support Mage (depends what I'm using and when) with:

Emerald Amulet of the Grave (+40 Focus)
Golden Crown of Wizardry (+50 Focus)
Masters Grimoire (+100 Focus)
Shadow Grimoire of Health (+150 Focus)

Still need for Druid and Support Mage:

Need to complete the Spiritshadow set on those 2 then they are set until update.

For my Rogue, I have kitted him out with:

Shadow's Bracelet of Daggers (+5 Fast Reflexes, +250 Dagger, +75 Dex bracelet)
Radiant BP (+120 Heat Damage)
Radiant Legs (+80 Heat Damage)
Radiant Ammy (+50 Heat Damage, +50 Magic Damage)
2 Godly Stormfist Rings (+100 Magic Damage)
1 Imperial Stormfist Ring (+45 Magic Damage)
Golden Blade of Magic (+200 Magic Damage)

Still need for my Rogue:

1 Imperial or Godly Stormfist Ring
1 Shadow's Bracelet of Daggers (I like the +300ish attack boost from the Dagger ability and dex).

Aiming to take my Druid and Mage to 150 before the update. Everyone loves a Druid and my Mage runs a Maxed Assasin, Fire and Magic lure, so benefits my Rogue extremely :)

And lastly, aiming to gain enough upgrade gear to have ALL of the members in EternalSin with the right level req, in full Frozen. (3/4 of the way there already :D)
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Re: What items are YOU looking for?

Just need to upgrade my lesser bp to greater or rad :p otherwise I have 4 damage rings from aggy, two tend bracelets, a camo charm, a +10 hide charm with 100 dagger a 10 hide charm with 100 h2h a 15 pierce neck a 75 heat neck a 75 cold neck (switch based on boss) dad legs boots gloves, full frozen, a cruel knife. Just that pesky lesser bp :p
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