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app on droid market

ok so i know this has been discussed before, but thanks to the broken search engine, i can't find it, so i'm starting a new topic. :)
i seem to remember otm mentioning that they hoped to open the app for the droid market... is that correct?
when can we expect to see this?
will droid people be on the same server as ipod people?
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Re: app on droid market

More than a year. But it doesn't matter because all info is stored on their servers. iOS is an open source just like android is. So it would be identical to what we have now as for as scamming and hacking (modding). It all depends on their servers encryption, thats when hacking occurs.
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Re: app on droid market

Happytohelp wrote:When droid users can play CH we will be flooded with hackers. Mark my words lol

All that can be done via android could be done the same with any iOS. There will be no difference if released on any other platform.

The game is server sided like any other game out there, as well OneThumbMobile specializes in online gambling.
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Re: app on droid market

Did not know they did software for online gambling. They probably have a really good encryption system and if thats the case we don't have to worry much about hacking. If you are familiar with terminal commands then you could manipulate just about anything on your side, but the problem is you can't read what their side says. Therefore no hacking.
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