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Question about the new Lux shop items

I have a question about some of the new items with the new amulets that regenerate health/energy and the boots/gloves that speed up how often you attack. What exactly IS the measure for how fast they heal/energize or how much faster you attack? I've been wondering because I've been currently saving up to buy one of those amulets and the boots/gloves, but am not sure which one to get. Personally, I really care mostly for the special benefits rather than the stat boosts, and if they end up having the same then I'd rather go for the cheaper one, because I wouldn't see it worthful if it was just 50k extra for some extra stats to it.

Could it perhaps be updated to where those stats for them actually showed? It would be very helpful

Re: Question about the new Lux shop items

well i have the rejuv neckless! and the boots and gloves! The neckless is a must have! it regens while in combat! about every 5 seconds 10 each. the boots are nice for getting around with a quickness! The gloves are also a must have for melee! i don't know about range! If i was you!(which im not lulz) i would start off with the neckless first! then gloves! then boots! i hope this helps! if not... i tryed.. :D
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Re: Question about the new Lux shop items

Wasn't really a question of if I was getting them, just what is the measure of their effect. 10 hp every 5 secs isn't that great, but for energy its pretty good. But I just want to know its comparison to the weaker amulets like it and how much the speed increases from the boots/gloves, like -30% speed or something.

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