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Re: Teaweasel retires from the CH Community. All the Best.

Nooooooo tea :( I don't want you to go i remember my first day starting on arawn and u helping me so much and inviting me to your clan and helped me lvl and get my gear you will be the i will look up to when I get to lvl 150
Treat life well like you have to the game and good luck in your in your cooking career hopefully i will see you soon in tv cooking shows :)

Everyone will miss you Tea i hope you come back atleast soon to visit us :)

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Re: Teaweasel retires from the CH Community. All the Best.

Cya tea! Seeing some CH refferences included with your kitchen topic makes me want to do the same :lol:

(you know you play too much when...)

If you come around to sharpening those knives with the new quest, your slice per second increases by a lot! Your ability also increases faster! Equiping An apron helps resisting mess damage but since your kitchen is "old", you should be pretty high above so it wont matter. Remember to bandage your wounds when you make mistakes ;)
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