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Teaweasel retires from the CH Community. All the Best.

Let me preface these comments to say, I fully understand these forums get filled every month with nerdrage posts about "I am Done!!!"  and then 2 weeks later that same guy/gal is back playing, more active on forums than ever. It's Nature of the beast, MMO's are hard habits to break out of.

In reality I quit about a month ago.  I literally haven't logged in for 2 patches. My kitchen has been ridiculously busy and it's been a pleasure to immerse myself in leveling my career, not my Druid.  My kitchen level is still in the mid 70's, these Stonevale Duck Consommé's are a ***.  And I stopped "lixing" like 7 years ago, so oh well. :twisted:

So this post is, if anything, an afterthought.  An official "good-bye," not a emotional one.  

It's been my pleasure to be involved with this game, the game's company, and with the extended forum community from all the worlds.  The forums of this game provide such a dearth of great sage's, curmudgeon's, trolls, thinker's and even lovable and not so lovable whiners. And still a small enough community for people to make a legitimate reputation for their alias's and feel both integral to forwarding the game and the community in whatever role they so choose. I think OTM and the community itself needs to be commended for that.  And yeah, it's been a pleasure to over the past year, to slip out of the yoke of real life & work & non Celtic drama and become a weasel who likes tea.

The game I think has a bright future.  It saddens me how riddiculously long the time between Update 3 (May 27th) & Update 4 (Jan/Feb?) is going to be.  I had previously understood that the new Update 3 engine would allow faster more focused Updates.  Now, admittedly, 2 huge content laced events of the summer and Halloween is an understandable delay...but yeah, I can't pretend that part of my apathy wasn't contributed to by the realization that most likely (given what we all know about Beta Application timelines, even short focused beta timelines, and where we are in the mid-Nov) Update 4 will ship in 2013 knowing OTM. I am sure OTM will refute this, but the truth hurts, so grimace gracefully.

That said, I am sure it will be fantastic and perhaps worth the wait.  And I am sure, given that previous Beta Testers automatically are included in the next beta (if they apply & have the same device as before as I do) due to the fact their UDID's are already registered Apple's CH UDID beta database... I may peek my head into that process when it rears again.  But I can't make any promises, I very well may not.  (if I do, as said it won't take a beta spot from anyone, I have my own)

This message is just to say thanks.  Many of you, perhaps unknowingly, perhaps uncaringly, enriched my life this past year.  The debates, fights, playful cuffs, and sarcasm were prime fun.  And helping some new players, especially Druids find their way in the game, and even teasing some special morons was equally worth it. Special moron Druids being my favorite.

I am not deleting characters, or this forum account, if you wish to get a hold of me, my email is still linked to PM's here.  So any former clanmates, server-mates, or friend's I have met on forums.  Feel free.

At the end of the day,
Thanks & All the Best.


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Re: Teaweasel retires from the CH Community. All the Best.

gonna miss ya tea! hope you come beack whenev :D gonna be sad hearin no more ch realted convos on MP, but the entire show is changing anyway, love hearin ur responses to things on the forums etc and overall just a great fan of the way u word things :D and after busy culinary season is finished, maybe ur life can get a little more celtic again ;) all the best, altiarius
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Re: Teaweasel retires from the CH Community. All the Best.

Saddening news. It's been great having you as in integral part of the Celtic Heroes community - you posts were always of excellent quality. It's great you're keeping your doors open if you ever want to come back.

I wish you all the best in the future and I hope your kitchen reaches a high level (but you don't want it Aggragoth-like; it might get very hot). :)

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Re: Teaweasel retires from the CH Community. All the Best.

Tea, it is very sad to see you go. I hope everything works out for you in the future and in the present. I do hope you will check out the new content soon in update 4!!. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

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Good Luck and Happy Hunting! Wish you well.


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