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Melee Ability? what does it do?

Ok, so Brookie and I, in Rosmerta, are looking at a skelly drop. It adds +100 melee ability. So we were attempting to see what benefit it has to the player and I just can't figure it out. So, someone explain it to me.

It does not add damage
It does not add attack
It does not add defence
It does not add armor
It does not increase damage from skill (per the skill window, it may in game, but it's impossible to know)

Increase chance to hit (stacks with attack)?
Increase chance for skills to hit?
Decrease mobs chance to hit (stacks with defence)?
Decreases mobs chance to skill hit?
Decrease/Increase damage from/to mob?

Anyone? Admin? Boy/Girl Genius?
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Re: Melee Ability? what does it do?

benbrook wrote:Guesses:

Increase chance for skills to hit?


This is my Guess.

For what it's worth: Was just looking at my Mage's Fire and Ice ability, since I got the Dia weap that adds 200 to each. Fire bolt and Ice shard did Not change in stated dmg amounts.
Rangers also do not have 'observable' benefit from Ranged Attack, tho Bow skill does add directly to Attack stat
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Re: Melee Ability? what does it do?

increases ur skill dmg i think, like cunning for a rogue etc
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