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Re: Double xp weeks

I m sorry gyes but i dont think it can be a good idea:) personally if there is another double xp thing i would simplely leave the game:) in my world we saw in 1weekend of double xp players going from lvl0 to lvl 130-140!! It took me 1 year to get that:) i dont see any point on that apart telling that it can make the game really easy:) when u use an elixir on a double xp event it does 8time normal xp...a bit too much lol:) i only agree on double gold or double ability: this is a good point, and double gold could offer u the possibility to buy elix:)


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Re: Double xp weeks

Worst idea ever, read the old threads
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Re: Double xp weeks

Eliminater wrote:Double xp week is a bad idea.

How about a weekly happy hour , maybe make double xp for like 3 or 4 hours each week , would be fun and not destroy the game as xp week would.

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