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Re: isnt 1 million gold for broom to high?

Mariner91 wrote:Hmm

What was the stat for the 200K Sultan rug?

This thing gives 75% movement, 50% camo, 40 Hlt/Energy regen, 25 crushing, 50 cold dmg. I never had the sultan but I don't think it had anything like these?

When you equipped a mount you cant used your offhands/ main weapon so the regens comes handy, but 1 million gold is alot farming even for me is 2 weeks of farming at moment gold is scarce, so buying platinum to sell items is impossible so you only other choice is $200 on platinum to gold ..... A bit too much
had on hand 750k so i did check the brooms i saw up to 500k so i said ok , but other ppl buy those because was the best they can see so then 1 players buy 1 million gold all ppl said wtf i didnt see that broom.
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