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Re: Cant private message Difinitus for help so I figured id make a post

wubbububa wrote:I cannot private message Difinitus because it says i am to new to the forums and have not participated in enough discussions so i figured i would reach out to him here.
My issue is with the meteoric weapon quest, and though i have everything i need it wont let me turn it in for the meteoric bow because the step called "Talk to torbin the sailor" is not marked off (i have already completed torbins quest so when i try to talk to him again it just says "thank you for your help" and doesn't check it of on my quest)
I have submit a support request and sent an email directly to one thumb mobile support but it has been about a week now with no response, someone suggested i reach out to Difinitus which is what im doing now.
The email i sent to Support@onethumbmobile.com was sent on january 12 and the in game support request is a couple days older, im almost at the level where i can upgrade it to a frozen meteoric bow an i dont even have the meteoric because of the quest being broken. please help :)

btw as far as I remember, you need 5 posts to PM anyone on the forums. So it should work now

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