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Make these improvements to the game thanks

Is it possible to revert the area page size back to 25 it made it easier to count how many people were in an area . Haveing 2 pages made a certain server look active now it’s just not the same. Didn’t see anyone really complain about 25 characters a page so why did it need to be changed. Anyways is it possible to make a delete all mail button also collect all mail . For auction house can you put a button that alllows you to instant relist all your items I have like 1000s of items I need to sell and only 60 slots logging every 48 hours to relist them is tiresome . Also I think arena boss should be reintroduced as it brought in a whole load of fun to the game if you want to reduced the boss drops tiers that’s fine aswell . Drops were trash anyways during the event and we got better drops from the bosses them selves . So people shouldn’t complain about it because they can still get the drops from the bosses themselves this just provides extra vertical content for those who wish to participate. I don’t really care about the arena drops myself but it made the game slightly more fun
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