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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

Vilse wrote:Epona is probably the most crowded world as it has its on sets of community rules to prevent dom clans taking over so everyone can see end game. This is a very good thing but we get transfers coming all the time which has let to we closing in on 100 players on gele. This is unfortunately effecting the stability of the game and and login is down for everyone, no matter area, when Epona kills gele, bt or dino. During BT people who never crash otherwise, even with minimal graphic settings, get kicked out and cant log back in until boss over. This is of course very frustrating for everyone.
To help Eponians I can think of 2 solutions, but there might of course be other solutions as well

1. Fix server lag and login issue
2. Create a new world with forced rule set which prevents server from going dom as an alternative to Epona . People really want to play at free servers (by the look of Epona population) but with current OTM rule set its very hard to enforce on an established world.


This is because the game is horribly unfair for much of the player base. Hence why so many go to epona. Fix the fairness of the game in general you won't have these kinds of problems.
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