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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

klv wrote:Add more content, Daily raids and new bosses for all level range, more like the cg weekly quest but for all level range and players get a chest reward with random items, add more endgame bosses with a stable spawn time, Epona is currently overpopulated adding more content like this will move players to move out to other servers, Vr doesn't waste anytime in banning accounts with suspicious activity idk why they can't do the same with making gameplay more attractive.

Lack of content doesn't really have that much to do with server choice. If anything, more bosses/content would make Epona worse, as older players may come back, and even more players may transfer over because Epona's distribution is "better".

Players want to go to Epona because it keeps getting hyped up as "the best server"....whether that's true or not is simply a personal opinion. Yes, it's one of (if not the only server) that uses mostly-random drop distribution (which I feel should be in the game anyways, but that's a different topic), but that's because no other players really want it enough to work to change their own server. If players were to start redirecting to some other "dead" server with the goal of turning it into another Epona, it might start to lessen the load on Epona a bit. The problem there is that it's really hard to lead the charge of change, and is much easier to tag along with something that already exists.

Epona is overpopulated definitely, but from what I've seen it's only partly because of the drop system - I'd say another large part of the reason is because of all the hype that people generate for it. It almost seems to fit with the chest mentality - you can either work hard for items by a ton of farming/grinding, collecting DKP to eventually spend on loot...or you can spend your time going to boss after boss (still grinding/farming) and hope that you eventually get lucky in rolls. Both scenarios appeal to different people in different ways.

It would be nice to see VR working towards ways to expand server load for large numbers of players (that was a main reason behind the global witch boss over the Samhain event). However, there isn't really any way for players to know if that's possible/likely to happen.
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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

This is an interesting problem. Ignoring the overbearing enforcement options (which I think we should), I think there are a few aspects to consider independently.

Lag-wise, I suspect that there is already more than the average amount of bandwidth dedicated to Epona, but it certainly needs to be increased to alleviate issues with larger raids.

On gear availability (I.e. there are way more players and thus not enough stuff to go around) I don't know how I feel about changing boss mechanics (number of drops, drop distribution to group(s) and group members). If this indeed is an order of magnitude greater than the next closest in EG population, then I could see the developers tweaking it a bit, but then again, that might cause more players to move to epona ("extra drops??? I'm in!) even though the ratio of gear to players would still be lower than other servers.

On preventing players from joining, I wouldn't be surprised if there already is a passive sort of wall. To compare, I believe there was an effort to induce the opposite effect a while back where they wanted to encourage the number of new players on Taranis (iirc) so they made Tara the default server when you make a new character. I believe this experiment was very successful, but came with drawbacks that are beyond the scope o this discussion. The converse that would be to make sure that the default server is NOT epona to make it far less likely that players join Epona. This would not prevent players from manually selecting the server when making a new character (i.e transferring), but would mean you would only end up there if you explicitly wanted to. Downsides of this are that the ONLY "new" players would be transfers.

Making an explicitly open server or even imposing rules in general on servers' clan structures seems like a bad idea to me. I can think of so many things that can go wrong, it would just cause too much unnecessary friction between all parties. Perhaps making tools available that would benefit open servers to compensate for how the game seems to lean toward dom-clan-based structures. What they would be, I don't know, but passive steps seem to be the way to go. Monopoly-busting should never be an overt goal of the developing party, but neither should it make it the only option; there should always be an option for the little guys and I think the open-server environment can fill that appeal for many people.

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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

Ash A wrote:So you're denying its not because there is only 1 roll server to choose from? Thats a laugh.

Friddoo makes good points, forgot about the part that there's only one true rolling server. You know, besides the fact that there's no population control.

Are you the other server xfer police? You check on every dom server to see what new xfers they get? Our clan had to close recruitment for two months because we were getting way too many people. They're xfering in groups.

For someone unrightfully server banned from his server, you sure like to promote it a lot. Its not going to have them change their minds.

At least admit its part of the problem.

There are multiple roll servers now. Epona, Rhiannon, Nuada and I believe balor and Taranis are also roll servers now. Epona is the most popular because it’s the most well established free server. I don’t promote Epona (I actually believe Epona, while free yes, is also partially run by greed and corrupt players), I promote the idea behind a free server because it simply works. Nuada went from not being able to kill even Mordy to being able to kill bt again (from what I’ve heard) as a free server. Rhiannon went from Gele being up for weeks to killing Dino. Both servers accomplished that in very little time. Free servers can bring a dead server back to life, can make a strong server into an even stronger server, and increase the activity of any server.. that’s why I support it and promote it so much as it makes the game better off for everyone. It’s common sense really to go free, but many people would rather put themselves first over their server as a whole because some players know if they give everyone an equal chance at loot they’ll lose their rather luxurious life of swimming in loot with items outsiders would consider to be useful to them rotting away in clan banks.

The Epona population problem wouldn’t be an issue if every server gave up the greed and had enough common sense and logic to go free. So many players are leaving dom servers to Epona because if they’re going to xfer to a free server than it might as well be the most powerful one. If every server was free people would have no reason to leave their server in the first place and the populations of the servers wouldn’t be so skewed. Since it’s obvious many endgame players are lost in their own ego VR needs to step in and fix things themselves and stop leaving it up to the players to fix things because they won’t.

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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

Most xfers are often from eg players on a dom server, and the only reason why eg players xfer is cos they get so bored doing nothing but dailies and stacking up their already stacked banks with edl drops, spawn time for Dg bosses are still not confirmed (except prot which i heard is 20hrs) all this just makes one wanna quit the game, but it's always fun trying out new classes with different skills and abilities, but why do it all over again on a dom server when the glorious and shiny free t server "Epona " is out there, i personally think adding more content to keep players busy on their servers will reduce server xfers.

Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

friddoo wrote:You love spreading lies lol. Nuada could kill everything up to dhio.

Then it switched to rolling and nobody wanted to come to bosses so it died, people decided to go back to clans but everyone quit so now gele and bt and dhio can’t die anymore.

When entire clan Apex fell nothing was being killed... how do I know this? Because I literally went and parked a level 1 toon at Mordy just to see if it was really true that the server couldn’t kill mordy lmao. Was up 24/7 for a while until I spoke to a friend on Epona who had recently moved there after hearing they started doing rolls and she told me they were finally killing bt. If you’re talking about Apex allowing rolls then you’re leaving out a big chunk of the story, that being they didn’t allow rolling at endgame bosses... that’s why it didn’t work out for them, then the server apparently started doing rolls all the way through endgame after Apex simply gave up and they were killing bt. Going off of what I’ve been told, they’re not my own words.
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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

Only real, legitimate claim here is asking for the lag to be fixed. This is something that needs to be fixed on every server, not just epona.
At the same time, all the "lies" or "Facts" aside, lets think about what Vr would actually do for the game. They are highly unlikely to step in and program in hard rules for loot distribution, they are unlikely to create another server. What they are likely to do is offer us more maintenance resets until they are able to find a long term patch for the lag and log in issues that have been experienced on every server.

The basic math supports the notion that "more" players prefer dom clan style servers where loot is controlled by the players rather than by chance. Economics would couple and argue that the reason Epona is crowded is purely supply and demand.
At the end of the day, that doesn't really matter for this discussion. If you don't like that Epona is crowded, but like what the server is doing, try and make other servers like this through your own participation and work. Epona didn't just happen overnight, players made it that way, and it stayed that way because the players wanted it to stay that way.

Anyways let's be realistic and lets stop being petty. The whole "Epona vs the world" debates get annoying and old pretty quick, and honestly with as many servers and different distribution styles that exist in this game, every server is fundamentally unique, not just Epona, and player preference should decide where they want to go.
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Re: Dear developers, Epona needs help

The only solution is to make every server similar to that of Epona’s. I disagree with putting any form of restrictions on people looking to xfer because people should have the right to go wherever they want. Doing what Mabon did and refusing to let people in in because “there were too many xfers” is not a good solution and extremely unfair for everyone who came to the server to have a good time. And yes, we don’t need yet another server.

As time goes on dom servers will keep on shrinking and shrinking while Epona keeps expanding. Even if VR got the lag fixed there’s still the issue of loot. Sooner than later Epona will start to see 4-5 pages of players regularly at bosses, meaning 3-4 drops will have to be split up amongst all of those players which will suck and drive players away from the game (because many people don’t care to start over on a different server, unless if they’re going from a dom server to a free server because they’re desperate lol). It’ll also increase the amounts of corruption (unjust bans/no rolls, players breaking rolling/account rules, etc...) in the server exponentially as loot will be harder to obtain. Of course you can’t simply increase the amount of drops to like 10 to compensate for the huge numbers because that’ll effect the loot:player balance negatively on other much more smaller servers, and that’s something VR will likely never allow.

So the only way is to make every server free to stop people from wanting to leave their server to Epona in the first place. The free server trend has gained so much traction and popularity that it’ll most certainly be a good move in the long run. Some players might quit sure, but there’ll be many more players who will be attracted in return (and the ones who quit are likely the greedy ones who can no longer be greedy so it’s like plucking out the weeds lol). With what I suggested in a previous thread, that’ll fix both the server xfer issue and the loot distribution issue.

Freedom is good in a 100% open world game. It’s no longer about free vs dom anymore, it’s much larger than that, it’s about how can we make this game successful.
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