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100 chests giveaway!!

I’m donating 100 chests to ShadowGod YT for him to giveaway on his Celtic heroes live stream on New Year’s Day go subscribe on YouTube and follow the instructions to join, also jump on and play in his streams

All servers welcome to enter the giveaway dont miss it!!!
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Re: 100 chests giveaway!!

Romeo wrote:100 chests are u serious? How much plat or gold is 100 chests?

Well, it’s 10 chests per 400 plat, so 100 chests is 4k plat, which $100 (or half of what you got if you bought the plat over the sale). That is a decent chunk of dough to invest in a giveaway, that’s for sure

Good luck on the stream! I’ll try to tune in, though I usually spend the whole night (and much of New Years Day) making things explode, so I might not be able to stick around for long.
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