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Which Option Do You Like Most?

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Option A
Total votes: 27 (28%)
Option B
Total votes: 17 (18%)
Option C
Total votes: 53 (55%)
Total votes: 97

Community Poll: Vote On The New Festive Reindeer

Hello Heroes!

We need your help! There are 3 possible options for a new seasonal pet and we are inviting the community to determine the new look!


Polling will last until Sunday, December 8th! The Option with the most votes at the end of the polling period will be the one we develop for eventual release. This poll will also be on Facebook and Twitter for those who do not have a forum account and you can vote for your favorite option multiple times!

We are not ready to release any details about the pet's stats or abilities just yet, so stay tuned. We can't wait to see which version is selected and share more details about Yule coming later this month!

-The Celtic Heroes Team

Re: Community Poll: Vote On The New Festive Reindeer

option A looks like a sl*t, it reminds me of that miss clause outfit...iykyk
option B looks like nacho libre, or rey mysterio,,
option C is the most decent one... and it reminds me of the days when my parents dressed me up for certain family events..
lol iykyk :lol:
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G.O.A.T Vibes
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