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Re: Back in the days

I still remember the very day I started playing Celtic Heroes way back in February 2012. Started on Belenus as a warrior after a friend in one of my classes showed me the game. He gave me 1k gold to start out with which seemed like a ton back then lol. Spent it all on plate armor because I thought it looked cool (and I thought it was the best armor in the game lmao). There were patches of snow on the ground, and the old old starting area with the beast tamers and direhounds. There were little tiny blue lvl 2 faeries all over Lirs Reach, and the very first boss I have ever killed was the big 5* level 2 faerie in front of the entrance to the castle. There were also 3* lvl 20 I think snowmen behind Highshore village. The castle was this huge square with a platform off to the right with vendors around it and then there was the classic Yule Father straight ahead upon entering the castle.

Second oldest memory was also in 2012 when I ran into my first and current oldest ingame friend. We ran into each other in Stonevale and did some quests together, then one day she got her account scammed by an infamous old scammer on Belenus named OptimusPrime. I made it a priority to get her account back, and I actually managed to convince him to give me the account where I then changed the password immediately and gave it back to her. I’ve never seen a person as grateful as she was that day, and is probably my greatest memory lol. Now we have been the greatest of friends since 2012 although sadly she is inactive now because of college.
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