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Re: Novalis of Mabon kills Dhiothu!!!!

Zkills wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:
Zkills wrote:Well if they get hit by an orb I sure hope they have the brains to not attack the nukes lmao.

U act like it’s as simple as 123 lmao. Orbs glitch way too much to make “kos nukes” strategy even viable. You could be casting a skill on mage, orb spawns right on top of u and immediately u heal 15-30k. People could be on timer, others could be bashed by Dino’s skill, while some just can’t stay up for 3 seconds. I’ve experienced all of that and that aspect of it makes the kos strategy impossible. To be honest too, it was our first strategy we used and we couldn’t even get past a certain threshold with it. The raid has too much going on for that strategy to even work.

But Mk congrats Mabon._.

Ye orbs have been messed up since beta, that’s no secret (PTSD from the orbs on crack). VR just needs to make them remain constant vs having them de spawn and then respawn in a new location. If it’s absolutely unavoidable then it’s unfair. Even with the orbs fixed, top end gear will still be needed and perhaps a good strategy could be formed (such as player placements) to take down the nukes more efficiently.

Only way i can think of to make killing Nuke adds viable is make it so that while under negative energy you don't heal nuke adds but just do 25-50 percent of damage on them. (Still heal dino tho ) With this people might consider killing them, as of now if even 1 person hit it with spell under negative energy, it will heal for 3 people dps.

Edit- and remove slash add or add slash food( high level), with bara pierce add is possible but slash add need good amount of warriors in mid fight to be able to kill it.
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Re: Novalis of Mabon kills Dhiothu!!!!

Gabee wrote:he got no idea and experience in killing the boss both beta and live.

Lol I heard there’s been a lot of misinformation like this being spread around about me behind my back (gee I wonder who it could be :roll: ), in attempt to discredit me. I could prove you wrong but it doesn’t matter, as long as VR knows I’m good. They’re the ones that matter, not a bunch of angry dudes behind a screen. People here are truly petty
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