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Re: *Invite to new project*

PrinceLelouch wrote:Amazing!!! A great guide, i love it. Now i know all the prices of different items, fashion, mounts, everything that is sellable.
Can you make it alphabetical, so that its easy to search.
A great project indeed, i love it. Thank you for making a G.O.A.T project in a G.O.A.T game.

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Re: *Invite to new project*

This is also going to be very hard to maintain for every single server as prices are always varying. Doing this for one server alone would be hard but imagine 10+, and it will have to be updated constantly, as in every 3-7 days, you will be spending a very large amount of time just starting it out and then maintaining it, there are thousands of items in the game and so you will have to mark down every item, and im not sure how you will get your prices because for most youll be able to get it from word of mouth, but then if you buy an item worth 200k for 500k, you will be marking that item down for 500k rather then 200k. Along with that you could easily mess up your servers "prices" to what works best for you, so you could mark down combos at 8k each for a week, buy 1000 combos at 8m total, and then switch it to 10-12k each the next week and resell, and do it over and over again.

-1 and i agree with furyion

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