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Re: How long have you been playing CH?

i started dec 2011, on apple of course but it wont show on mine now as i am on android....its interesting to see how many veterans are still around, i do miss the old style of the game...not so much the price of drag discs when stonevale was the only place you could get up to and warden was hard to obtain ahaha, miss the wisps though...so much cooler than the imps they have now....when dustwither used to be jammed pack as everyone was in there hogging kills afk camping...good ole days lol
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Re: How long have you been playing CH?


Wow, I just passed my anniversary! Haha, and I celebrated it by...not playing CH, ironically (I was on a trip).

It’s been really fun and interesting to see how the game has evolved over the years, and I hope it will continue to for many more!
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Re: How long have you been playing CH?

Been playing a little longer than I've had my forum account. Could have been a while before actually, but it's been on and off more years off than on I have to say. I remember when OW was a brand new area, though never played in it because I was only level 60 at the time. My first character over 50 was a ranger. He had all the warden quests at level 60 because that's what it was back then. Then I leveled a Rogue who became my main because he leveled so much faster and easier. I would level him on the blue wisps a lot, and I got my first lux on him which was an OW energy regen brace. Then life steal, SS and ripost came out and became op leveling skills though SS was always too expensive for me to buy. Lol

Sometimes I think the nostalgia is what keeps a lot of us playing.

Re: How long have you been playing CH?

Unfortunately I am now android so do not have access to the download date. I created my forum account on 1 Nov 2011, and I was playing way before I had inclinations to participate in online discussions of the game.

I believe I was around within the first few days of release, but it is tough to tell for certain. I remember playing for a while and stumbling upon a "high level" toon who was level 20 and everyone was in absolute awe, if that reveals anything. I had been playing pretty hard up to that point, as I was recovering from an injury at home, and I was only level 8-ish at the time.

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