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Re: Bring old Mounts back?

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 12:58 pm
by Sinter
Sly Shadows wrote:
Furyion wrote:-1

Everytime one of these threads come up I always give the same answer. Bringing stuff back will not solve the root issue and only causes problems for some people for no reason. The main problem is the newer mounts not being as memorable or unique as the older mounts, so it would be much simpler and fairer to suggest that there be new mounts with more creative designs. Next time anyone suggests something like this think about the damage it could cause to each side(massive price drops on safe items destroying any reason for investing, sentimental value loss, etc).

Wait, correct me if im wrong but werent u all for the merging of server auction houses? These would be the same outcomes if that happened to so am curious if u were for the merging.

I like the idea of merging of server auction house but I think it would bring so much lag that it would ruin the whole thing. It may be even worse than merging the castle, I don't if they didn't aloud trade between servers, which would be a dope thing especially for people that want to move to an other server, it must be because it would bring some biig lags and others problems. So even if I like the idea I don't think it is possible to do without "breaking" the game.