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Re: If you could change the skills for each class....

Bitey wrote:I’d give all the Druid skills to warriors, all the warrior skills to rogues, all the rogue skills to rangers, all the ranger skills to mages, and all the mage skills to druids. Then I’d create a class called Curry that looks like a chicken and give it the skills from every class.

Comes equipped with
"The Curry-ageous" (unequippable) Steam-Powered Chicken-Chucker:
2-Handed ranged weapon (Wand range) Launches tiny chickens
100 pierce/slash/crush 1100 weapon speed
"Ferocious Fowls of Fury" 50% proc that flings a giant feathered fiend toward your fearful foes. Deals 10k unavoidable damage.
200 vit/str/dex/foc 1000 attack, 5000 all evasions
Adds skills:
"Curry's Blessing" Heals by [number of chickens in inventory] per tick or 5 ticks (30s CD)
"Curry's Wrath" Damages target mob for [number of chickens in inventory] (10s CD)
"Curry's Favor" Adds 200 random chickens to inventory of caster and 100 to inventory of every group member (5m CD)
Passive skill: Upon dying the wielder of The Curry-ageous is welcomed into the afterlife by a giant explosion of chickens damaging all mobs in area for [number of chickens in inventory] (removes all chickens in inventory).
lol I had fun with this I hope you enjoy it! :D

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