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Re: how to play for a Rogue? I'm a newbie

I'm not as familiar with Rogues as I am with other classes - other people here on the forums may have better tips than I can provide...but here is my go at it :P

Some of the more important gear you will want is energy regeneration jewellery (though it is pretty expensive), as well as skill point rings, and other general stat boosting gear. For armor, you can stick with the questline gear for a while, though you may want to consider getting some Ancient armor temporarily once you reach Shalemont or Stonevale, just as a short term upgrade until you can start unlocking Warden armor.

Shadowstrike is a great skill, if you can find it for a cheaper price. It tends to be a bit pricey on most servers though. Riposte, Sneaky Attack, Quick Strike, and Life Steal are all pretty good skills. I'd definitely suggest trying to get Riposte pretty early on - the damage is really good, and if you end up fighting multiple mobs at once, it hits anything attacking you.

For stats, I personally preferred a 1str 2dex 1foc 1vit ratio for the first 50-60 levels. However this is very much dependent on your gear and play style. If you have gear that boosts your health and energy, then you don't need as much focus and vitality. You could also put more into Strength than Dexterity, especially if you have a fairly good mainhand weapon.

If you look at the different skills on the Skills page, you will see that some of them mention different stats. Some skills get stronger if you have more points in a certain stat - for example, Shadowstrike and Life Steal do more damage if you have more Dexterity, whereas Rend does more damage if you have a lot of points in Strength. That may help you decide what build you want to go for - if you want to use Life Steal because of the heal, it may be worth putting some more points in Dexterity to increase that heal slightly.

Even though the Rogue subforum guides are a bit old, a lot of the information is still pretty relevant - especially information about early game and stats. If you have a chance to read through them, and come up with any questions, feel free to make a post in the Rogue subforum asking about it
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