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Where do I train my Abilities???

I’ve been asking around my clan and I seem to get multiple different answers as to where the best spot is to train my abilities like warding fortitude vigor etc etc. I’ve heard so many spots and I’m at a loss on where to go. I know there used to be a guide where to train em but with all these updates ruining many of the old spots there’s hardly anywhere to go.

Help is very much appreciated I’m a 221 warrior so dying isn’t much of a problem

Re: Where do I train my Abilities???

If I am not mistaken the most popular spot if you're just generally trying to do training of abilities is The druids and stone mail by the entrance to the other world. They are not the fastest 4 warding in particular or something like that, but because they throw a couple different kinds of skills, they tend to be the fastest overall as a place to start. Also, if you kill off all of the one-star mobs, and just pull in three and four stars, you can get a lot of them. Also, if someone will help you, I think there's a couple other druids that can be pulled into range but you can't normally do with a single toon. I was asked to make a video about that last week, so I'll try to get it up this week at some point.

There are definitely players who have more experience with endgame than I do, so there may be better answers for a level 220 Warrior that I am not aware of, and if you have one particular ability that you're having trouble with, there is probably a much better spot for that one particular ability.
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