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Re: Reason for no new Leystone in Carrow?

Id say +1 because its a pain in the ass to travel that far. I don't know if they want to make every aspect of the game convienent? You must venture deep into carrow to slay the magic dragon lol.......Many games dont even have leystones paced as conveniently as CH. so I guess a 2 min mount drive aint that bad.

I want them to smooth out tavern and arena game play, it gets soo laggy :(
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Re: Reason for no new Leystone in Carrow?

I used to be all for this idea.

I think the competition thing may be part of the reason why no change has been made. While larger clans may tend to park their toons at various bosses (because spawn windows may overlap) a smaller clan may decide to park the majority of their firepower at Mordy.

If they are organized they can log in right after spawn and lock Mordris in less time than it takes for a toon on a spirit mount to run from the nearest ley to the pit. In that way it gives smaller clans a chance to compete. If a ley were closer then the dom clan could just ley in with their big guns and take the boss away, this wasting the efforts of the smaller clan.
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Re: Reason for no new Leystone in Carrow?

rameyrat wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Miakoda wrote:I always thought the reason was to leave room for the possibility of a little competition. With a ley so close the bosses would typically just go to the largest clan. Small clans usually bring most everyone to bosses, but monopoly clans often send what they think are enough, but might misjudge sometimes and show up to find themselves outnumbered. With a ley nearby reinforcements can get there quickly enough to outnumber smaller clans if need be, squelching the competition. That's what I was told.

The layout of carrow was made before the idea of dedicated locker toons I’m pretty sure. Locker toons became popular because of how important snorri became

Well then maybe that's the reason they won't put a ley closer to those bosses.

OTM was known for design flaws, this is one of them. For as frequently snorri spawns and how important the boss is there definitely needs to be a closer leystone. I understand if it was just Mordy but that isn’t the case (everyone is fine with the distance of necro/Hrung from ley). It’s extremely tedious and the distance is pointless
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Re: Reason for no new Leystone in Carrow?

Romeo wrote:The reasons simple. Look at how far away every world boss is from leystones with armor boss spawns just before them. Every area has been designed like this from the very beginning, sv onwards anyway. Idk what's past mordy so I'm not commentin on those. Idm it tbh

You're right. Every world boss is far away from a ley. I think the issue with Carrow is that everyone goes to 170/180 so often that the long ride gets really old. All that back and forth is just draining. I'm sure if Gele spawned as often as those two we'd want a ley closer to him as well.

Re: Reason for no new Leystone in Carrow?

Beheadeth Crom wrote:
BLRD-7 wrote:Any comment from OTM Devs?

Haha, they don't read forums

It depends what is meant by "Devs".

I'd guess that the actual game developers/programmers themselves might check the forums occasionally, but probably not very often - that much is likely true.

However, Difinitus is the VR community manager, and as such I'm sure he reads through all the forum posts - just because he doesn't reply to every single post doesn't mean that he isn't reading them. Schwing is also on the forums quite a bit, and I just scanned through the Administrators list - 5 users (counting Difinitus and Schwing) were last online within the past day. Not a huge amount, sure, but I suppose it's also possible that some of the VR staff have personal accounts on the forums.
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