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Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Robert wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:I mean to merge servers there would be a lot of downtime since vr would have to manually xfer every toon from one server to the other, same with server xfers as of right now they’d probably have to do it all manually.

I don’t know, the platform merges went pretty well considering the name conflicts.

Only reason I assume what I said is because one time when I asked support to return something I had dropped I got sent a bunch of tomes and I was shown a screenshot of individual items with their own item numbers sent to me.-.
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Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Corrupt wrote:Server transfers would be a better option. No point forcing people to move servers when they don’t want to. Likewise , no point forcing people to stay in servers they don’t want.

+1 always pro server transfers, merges are asking for trouble but having previously played on a very quiet server and now a busy one, having lots of people around and some enthusiasm is so nice, it's sad people are sitting around on empty servers
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Re: What do the developers consider is necessary for a Merge?

Stephone wrote:
Zits wrote:Any thoughts on fresh brand new servers or a 2nd game rather than the same content in a different form over and over for endgame?

-1 for 2nd game, would take too long and lose way too many players.

indifferent to whether a new server gets added or not, but look at where nuada has gone to, even before the gold glitch whatever it was the server was pretty dry and not so great.

What happened with nuada was it new or something? Im unaware of any old gold glitch aswell, but did hear something about lots of players got banned.

Anyway, I think given they have made so much content, especially content that has not even been seen by lower level players, that they could certainly pull off a new game that could get more popularity than CH. It could take some time but I think its a better use of the devs time than more high level places for people to grind. Higher level areas ever look newer and fresher than older areas like shalmont and stonevale and a lot of people who play never get to see that content. If it was a few loctations it would be different but there are a lot.

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