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Re: Let's be realistic

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:36 am
by PrinceLelouch
SirJackIII wrote:
PrinceLelouch wrote:
ApocolypticHD wrote:I use to play alot a couple years ago. I have gave all my stuff away but today or tomorrow I plan to restart my journey. Is it actually worth even trying? Will this game close down, or shut down, basically go. I'm not a plat buyer and I want to go end game. Is it realistic. When do you guys think the game will close down. Is it actually worth trying too even start up completely fresh. I'm thinking of starting on rosmerta. I'm not paying real money. Let me know and dont beat around the bush just be honest

If you like the game, just play and have fun. I love CELTIC HEROES so im playing and enjoying without worrying if the G.O.A.T game will shut down today or tommorrow.

Buddy, I am starting to think that you are a burner account for VR trying to keep up morale on the forums...

OTM ban my first forum account. After that I create my 2nd forum account, OTM ban me again. 3rd account OTM ban me again. OTM ban me 5 times for my bad attitude and trolling in forum. I deleted my toon, quit the game and forum.
But because I really love CELTIC HEROES i came back and play again, but OTM is gone. I feel bad because I always hate them. I feel guilty.
So now that VR is managing the game, i realized that I have to changed my bad attitude. I want to change how i post in forum not because of VR but because i love the G.O.A.T GAME.